SEF and CISOLAR 2020 synergy: an impetus for the recovery of the renewable energy market

SEF and CISOLAR 2020 synergy: an impetus for the recovery of the renewable energy market

Two significant international events in Central and Eastern Europe renewable energy sector – the 12th Forum and Trade Show for Sustainable Energy and the 9th Conference and Trade Show of Solar Energy Industry CISOLAR 2020,

to be held jointly on October 20-22, 2020 in Kyiv

The main purpose of SEF&CISOLAR 2020 industry event is to accelerate the process of recovery of the green energy markets in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in Ukraine. This process commenced globally with a rapid growth of industry investment – by 78 per cent in Asia, North America and Western Europe – in the second half of 2020. It is notable that the world's largest investment funds have focused on sustainable energy projects, and the governments of most developed countries are now structuring their national economies so as to achieve zero carbon emissions.

As a result, in the next 3 years, the capacity of solar, wind, hydrogen, bioenergy and hydropower facilities may at least double.

“The significant growth of renewable energy investment during the global economic knockout caused by the pandemic is a very important and powerful signal for market players, as well as companies that plan to invest in new projects in Central and Eastern Europe, including Ukraine. But the main bonuses from this global trend will be received by the companies that operate today and do not wait “until things look up”. They are already up”, Vitalii Davii, the co-founder of SEF and CISOLAR, and founder of the international professional community IB CLUB, pointed out.

On October 20, the SEF 2020 Forum, dedicated to investment, project development and the latest technological advances in sustainable energy, will take place. The focus will be on new business models that are up to the challenges that companies face in 2020. Top managers and decision-makers at commercial and official levels will take part in the Forum.

12th Sustainable Energy Forum SEF KYIV

The CISOLAR 2020 conference will take place on this very day, focusing on the latest trends and technologies in the solar energy industry, which have become the main drivers of the development of PV market in Central and Eastern Europe.

9th Solar Energy Conference CISOLAR

“Today, solar energy is a locomotive for the development of the world economy in a new format. More than 55 per cent of the world's population lives in cities these days, and this figure will rise to 68 per cent in the next decade. Therefore, the cities can play a major role in a carbon-free transformation by becoming both energy producers and consumers. At least 100 major cities in the world already provide 70 per cent or more of their energy needs due to renewable sources. It is solar energy that can make the main contribution to the growth of such megacities”, Kemal Bayraktar, Vice President of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), emphasized.

Sustainable and Solar energy Trade Show SEF&CISOLAR 2020

The SEF & CISOLAR trade show will take place on October 21-22 at the M82 Exhibition Centre (82 Mezhyhirska Str., Kyiv), where companies will present the latest technological achievements in renewable energy, state of the art equipment, services and business models of cooperation with prospective distributors and partners, as well as offers for private clients.

The best projects in the industry will be decided at the traditional annual ceremonies of awarding the best renewable energy projects SEF AWARDS and CISOLAR AWARDS.


CISOLAR&SEF organizer is Innovative Business Centre (IB Centre) – an international company that implements projects in the field of energy innovation, and is also a leading producer of conferences and trade shows in state of the art energy technologies. Among the company's projects: CISOLAR (Conference and Trade Show of Solar Energy Industry), SEF KYIV (Forum and Trade Show for Sustainable Energy), Solar Academy (trainings and educational programs for solar energy installers and investors), IB Club (a global community of renewable energy professionals and a unique library of industry materials).

Forum/Conference. Register now: Trade Show. Register now:

SEF&CISOLAR organizing committee:

+38 044 383 03 56

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