Poland updates draft offshore wind act growing capacity

Poland updates draft offshore wind act growing capacity

The Polish government has published an updated draft of its proposed act to promote offshore wind development in the country, increasing the volume of capacity that would receive support in the first phase. It is reported in Renews.biz.

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The new proposal increases the maximum capacity that would be backed by a Contract for Difference in the first phase of development to 5.9GW from the 4.6GW proposed in the previous draft released in January, according to the Polish Wind Energy Association (PSEW).

“5.9GW corresponds with the “actual potential of advanced projects, i.e., those that already have or within a certain time will be able to sign a connection agreement, allowing for the support negotiation procedure to start,” said in PSEW.

The second phase of development would start with an auction of 2.5GW in 2025 and another for the same volume two years later.

The new draft also includes proposed solutions regarding the connection of offshore wind farms to the national grid.

It is envisaged that investors will be responsible for building and financing the connection between projects and the onshore grid.

But the state-owned transmission system operator Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne – will have the “right of pre-emption in case of a possible sale by the investor,” PSEW added.

According to PSEW’s report, “The future of offshore wind in Poland,” the offshore wind farm industry may become the growth driver for the Polish economy and the maritime sector, in particular after 2020, when the current EU financial perspective is to end.

Almost 2/3 of Polish citizens select offshore wind as the preferred source of supply for their homes.

For many Polish enterprises joining the offshore wind industry is an opportunity for substantial growth.

Offshore wind may contribute as much as PLN 60 billion to the Polish GDP by 2030.

Also, offshore wind farm development will contribute to the creation of 77 thousand jobs by 2030 and create new employment opportunities in the entire country, in particular on the coast.

What the decision-makers have to:

- secure offshore wind farm locations in the spatial development plan for the Baltic Sea;

- develop and extend port and onshore infrastructure to ensure access to electricity from offshore wind farms;

- develop a dedicated support scheme for offshore wind investors, preferably in the form of a dedicated law.

About the Polish sustainable energy market, the world-class experts will discuss at SEF 2020 KRAKOW – Sustainable Energy Forum and Trade Show, which will be held on December 1-2 in Krakow.

Notice the date to your business planner and register: sefpoland.com




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