The capacity of RES will exceed 12 GW in Ukraine by 2030

The power of renewable energy sources will increase in Ukraine by 2030 by 9-10 times and will exceed 12 GW.

Such forecast of changes in the ukrainian energy landscape was made by the director of IB Centre Europe, chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 10th International Forum and Exhibition of Central Energy and Power Generations of Central and Eastern Europe SEF 2018 KYIV Vitaliy Davy.

The active phase of the development sustainable energy market in Ukraine began with the approval of green tariff system in September, 2008.

By this time in Ukraine there were about 60 small 120 MW hydroelectric power plants and several pilot projects in solar and wind power plants with capacity of less than 4 MW. Over the next 10 years, more than 6 500 new renewable energy objects appeared in Ukraine, including 6 030 household solar power stations.

On the photo: Vitaliy Daviy

«Every day we meet more and more new players, ideas, projects and new challenges. An attractive green tariff makes it possible to create, build and invest. Today, the largest international energy companies carry out fundamental research and develop projects aimed at combining consumers into one decentralized system» - said Vitaliy Daviy during the opening of the event.

As a result, more players in the market create, improve and develop technological and service directions for small and large projects of sustainable energy.

On the photo: Viktor Halasiuk

In particular, during the SEF 2018 KYIV, Deputy Leader of the Radical Party of Ukraine on Economic Policy, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship Viktor Halasiuk identified five key priorities that will help Ukraine achieve its full energy independence. Among them - the development of "green energy", large-scale energy modernization, development of own production, development of own oil refining and energy visa-free.

Opportunities and energy potential of Ukraine in the international arena revealed by Head of Business & Legal Affairs, RECOM Narek Tunyan.

«During 2017, 211 MW solar power plants were installed in Ukraine, but compared with other countries - this is a very small figure. Such statistics show that the country has a lot of potential for active growth. Therefore, it is necessary to set the goal of 100% renewable and to achieve it, given that solar energy technology is cheaper every year and becomes more affordable» - he said.

As noted above, nowadays Ukraine has a perspective task - to achieve 100% renewable and KNESS is strongly committed to this goal.

«Ukraine needs the strategy of 100% renewables. At the moment, this topic is not widely discussed, but I am convinced that 100% renewable power is a fairly achievable and simple goal and all the technologies already exist for this. We, as a company and community, would like to participate in writing of this strategy» - confidently asserts CEO, KNESS Sergiy Shakalov.

According to mean of Victor Kurtiev, General Director of Metropoliya Group, technical and economic measures should be taken to achieve 100% renewable energy. There are include the prohibition of the construction of piston plants, the implementation of the Ukrhydroenergo program, the change of outdated approaches to dispatching, the introduction of systems for forecasting RES and Smartgrid systems, the refusal of auctions, as well as the localization of equipment and elements power stations of all RES types.

On the photo: Ruslana Lyzhychko

The sustainable energy industry and the RE100 mission were supported by famous Ukrainian singer, Renewable Energy Ambassador Ruslana Lyzhychko, and encourage everyone to join and participate in its development.

«I completely devote myself to renewable energy - 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For me, renewable energy is a global mission each of us. Because energy is product №1 in our life. Globally in the world it is necessary for all associations, institutions to be united under the overall mission of RE100» – convinced Ruslana Lyzhychko.

The growth of investments in sustainable energy projects has confirmed Executive Director on the Middle East, North Africa and CIS, Suntech Power Dimitris Titopoulos. According to his forecast, by 2040, 12 trillion dollars will be invested in the development of renewable energy sources, of those 3,9 trillion is solar energy, 2,9 trillion is wind energy, 5,16 trillion are other RES.

CEO, Avenston Dmytro Lukomskyi said that a significant share of investments in the development of renewable energy sources is aimed at solar power.

«In Ukraine, the number of solar power installations, mainly land, will increase, we will see more small projects and roof installations, there will be a limited area for installing solar panels, and the latest technology will be more visible», - made a forecast expert.

On the photo: Forum SEF 2018 KYIV

According to the company «Energy Altenative», a network solar power station is the easiest tool for a successful business, and the investment in its construction is the safest solution in relation to economic risks.

Specialists of the company «Atmosfera» added that industrial solar stations, made under the "green" tariff, already have a significant progress in development, and their number will increase year by year.

CEO, Block Master Ukraine LLC Vitaliy Timoshchenko has highlighted criterions of the most interesting solar power station project for investors. It should have a capacity of 10 MW, a location on equal footing with good geology and hydrology, approachability and readiness, and a source of funding should be a bank loan.

«Karbon CNS» company considers the potential of the solar power industry of Ukraine to ensure that large industrial power plants (10 MW and more) successfully supply small and medium-sized enterprises with electricity.

As regards the construction of projects, specialists of the mounting systems «Solar Steelconstruction» advise to pay attention to the area and location of the solar power plant. This is especially true of roofing SES, since from the roof size depends on the photocells number, and for the correct arrangement, one important factor is the orientation of the sides light.

SEF 2018 KYIV once again proved that the latest technologies and innovations in the sustainable energy industry are actively developing and are already being used in projects.

On the photo: Trade Show SEF 2018 KYIV

Latest developments in the segment of single-crystal solar modules of the PERC category have been presented by Juan Karlos Gonzales, Technical Sales Manager, UE and Latin America, Longi Solar.

«PERC-modules significantly increase energy efficiency. Testing has shown that this technology provides higher availability due to the increase in the number of working hours of the inverter at low intensity of radiation and increased production at high temperatures», - said specialist.

Continuing the theme of PERC-modules features, Head of Sales Department, Helios Strategia Dmitry Merkulov talked about using Bifacial technology.

«The production of the station using the Bifacial technology takes place with the help of glass products on the panels, and white decoration significantly increases the surface reflection coefficient» - shared information expert.

Another achievement among the solar panels is the products of company «Jinko Solar» – Cheetah modules with an enlarged photocell, its peak power can reach 8 Watts.

«Cheetah modules reduce the payback period of investments by 9-35%. Its temperature is lower than standard modules, so less time is lost for heating» - said Yevhenii Prydatko, Business Development Manager in CIS, JinkoSolar.

An important value among solar modules is the category mono PERC. Morgane Fleurance, Product manager, JA Solar told why this technology is the best solution to reduce LCOE.

«In mono PERC modules the surface of back side solar cells acts like a mirror. Its generate more energy per square meter and have better performance, even at high temperatures» - she remarked.

Half-cell is a special method of producing solar panels, which has been described Ray Wang from Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd: «Due to the distribution of the photocell, the gap between the cells increases in two parts - this allows the panel to absorb more sunlight».

On the photo: Trade Show SEF 2018 KYIV

According to Ann Shao, Sales director of Talesun, all products must pass 60 smart checks in order to ensure the highest performance of the module. With this system, testing of products takes place in more restrictive conditions than is done according to international standards.

In addition, there are technical risks for PV modules that need to be evaluated and minimized.

«The technical risks of PV modules can be minimized by choosing the right technology / type of PV modules, comparing different products in real life, using PV-modules correctly» - suggest CEO of Smart Energy Group Halil Demirdağ.

On the photo: Trade Show SEF 2018 KYIV

Sustainable energy field is steadily moving towards recycling, and the demand for more automated project work is increasing. Innovative solution among inverters on an example of products Fusion Solar was presented by «Huawei (Photomate)».

«The SUN2000 String Inverters use intelligent software that allows you to control the work of a solar power plant from your phone or tablet, so you can control your productivity at any time.» - said Director, Photomate LLC Anton Abramov.

In turn Mauro Rivola, Deputy Managing Director & Sales Director, Ingeteam, presented modern digital technology: «INGECON SUN EMS Tools is an application that installed on a computer and allows monitoring and adjustment of power consumption systems that are supervised by the council INGECON SUN EMS».

Regarding to biofuel industry in Ukraine, the forecast for development of RES in heat supply sector has been made by Director, STC “Biomassa” Georgiy Geletukha. He said that according to the Energy Strategy of Ukraine, by 2035 we will have about 97 000 jobs, 24 000 MW of heat, 1 780 MW of electricity, and RES share will occupy 40%.

At that time, the European Bank in Ukraine invested a total of 11 projects for solar, wind and bioenergy, with a capacity of 190 MW and a total value of 123,5 million euros. About this said Associate Director, Senior Banker, Power&Energy Utilities, EBRD Olga Yeriomina.

On the photo: Trade Show SEF 2018 KYIV

The main industry event - 10th International Sustainable Energy Forum and Trade Show of Central and Eastern Europe SEF 2018 KYIV was held on October 16-19. The participants of event Event participants have become 500+ delegates, 50 speakers from 30 countries, more than 85 companies, what introduced the latest equipment, innovative technologies and solutions, as well as over 3 000 trade show visitors.

Organizer and producer SEF 2018 KYIV – Innovative Business Centre (IB Centre).

The nearest industry event from IB Centre — 8th Internationa Solar Energy Conference and Trade Show in Central and Eastern Europe CISOLAR 2019 will be held in Kyiv on April 16-18.

Find out more about the main event in solar energy field CISOLAR-2019 and register on the site:

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