California will require solar power for new homes by 2030

California has made a giant step forward and became the first state to require 2 years from newly-built owners of mandatory solar power supply and will lead the state to a new level of energy conservation. Exceptions are old buildings, where roofs can not install solar panels. Experts expect a significant California outburst of solar energy in line with approved requirements.


Currently, California produces 15-20% of energy from solar panels of new homes, and according to a new law, the state must supply 50% of the energy from non-carbon solar energy sources.

Bob Raymer, a senior engineer at the California Construction Association, is confident that adopting such standards is a quantum leap.

«You can bet every state will be watching to see what happens.» - said Bob.

California averages about 80,000 new homes a year, with about 15,000 currently including solar installations. Over all, at the current rate of home building, the new requirement will increase the annual number of rooftop solar installations by 44 percent.

In fact, the state itself generates so much solar and wind power that it must sometimes halt production at some facilities or give the electricity away to other states to avoid overloading the electric grid.

New Jersey, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., have also considered legislation to require that new buildings be solar-ready, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures but California still remains a leader in the United States, providing the state with 16% of solar power and providing 86,000 jobs to the people in the industry.


You can buy and install solar panels independently and install or buy a new home with existing panels, another option - rent them every month. Such an investment will cost plus $ 8,000 to $ 12,000.

According to estimates of the members of the Housing Commission, the transition to solar power will add an average of $ 40 per month to utility bills, but will save consumers $ 80 per heating, cooling and light. As a result, we have a savings of $ 40.


The prospect of catering to homes was covered by solar energy and the construction industry - sellers will be able to sell a new home with already built-in solar panels. State officials and clean-energy advocates say the extra cost to home buyers will be more than made up in lower energy bills. That prospect has won over even the construction industry, which has embraced solar capability as a selling point.

“Any additional amount in the mortgage is more than offset,” said Andrew McAllister, an Energy Commission member who led a building-code review that produced the proposal. “It’s good for the customer.”

According to the new requirements, now the task of the builders is to make private houses individually available for installing solar panels or build a general solar energy system that will serve a group of homes.

The utility industry has been preparing for the proliferation of energy-producing homes by studying its impact on the electric grid with tests. The utilities are trying to determine how to manage a system where homes are putting electricity onto the grid during the day and consuming it at night. The research has shown that with a combination of energy-efficiency measures and solar power, the overall cost of owning a home is reduced.


New profitable system of tariffs. It will enable Californians to use electricity and pay only for the time it is used. For example, a special energy-efficient battery can save energy even when it works at a maximum. Also californians will be able to install intelligent counters, which will be monitored, independently control the energy consumption and set the required voltage. Thus, homeowners will use energy efficient functions and sources, which in turn will avoid higher costs.


For some consumers, the requirement to switch to solar power is unfavorable. San Diego Gas and Electric, for example, hopes that the state will do its best to ensure that utilities receive enough revenue to work with the public electricity grid because there are homeowners who can not afford to buy solar panels.

An impressive example of California motivates to make further efforts to develop and promote the renewable energy industry in Ukraine and Europe.

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