10 best examples of environmental houses in the world

Eco-building is the construction and operation of buildings that will have a minimal impact on the environment.

Eco-houses are being built in order to reduce the consumption of energy and material resources, reduce the emission of harmful domestic waste and have a positive effect on nature.

It is worth noting that ecological are useful not only for nature, but also for a person, since such buildings create a comfortable microclimate for life, improve the quality of life, and positively affects the psychological state.

Functions that can make your home environmentally and economically:

• Economical use of energy, water and other resources

• The use of renewable energy sources such as solar energy

• Measures to reduce pollution and reduce waste, as well as the possibility of reuse and recycling

• Clean indoor air

• Use of non-toxic, ethical and persistent materials

• Environmental considerations for design, construction and operation

• A design that allows you to adapt to a changing environment

10 stunning examples of environmental construction that inspire us to be more conscious and to protect the parks, forests, steppes and mountains that surround us.

Sonoma Residence, Sonoma, USA

Torres House, Monterкey, Mexico

Bb Home, Hanoi, Vietnam

Mountain-View House, Slovenija

House on the way to Farrellones, Chile

The Pavillion, Mosman, Australia

Garden Pavilion, Varazdin, Croatia

Knights Valley Residence, California, USA

Kentfield Residence, California, USA

Sebastopol Residence, Sebastopol, USA

Eco-building around the world is gaining in popularity, and for someone it's a lifestyle :)

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