Japan is interested of Ukrainian projects of "green" energy

Vice President of the world-renowned Japanese corporation "Marubeni" Yamazoje Shigeru and Head of State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine Sergiy Savchuk have discussed possibilities of Ukrainian and Japanese cooperation regarding the development of green energy and waste recycling projects in Ukraine. It is reported by the press service of the State Department of Energy Efficiency.

In turn, Sergiy Savchuk presented Japanese the significant potential of clean energy in Ukraine, prepared and implemented a favorable legislative framework, a number of incentives for investors, a positive rapid dynamics of the introduction of new capacities and new potential projects published on the Interactive Map "UAMAP".

In particular, the projects for installing solar, wind power plants, cogeneration units on biomass, biogas plants and construction of garbage processing plants and further generation of energy were also discussed for Ukrainian cities and prospective for foreign investments.

It is reported that State Energy Efficiency will provide the Japanese company with an opportunity to study detailed information on the development of renewable energy in Ukraine and a number of investment-attractive projects.

About Marubeni:

• Over 100 years of work in various sectors of economy

• more than 100 branches and offices in 67 countries of the world

• The company actively implements a number of renewable energy projects in its activities. Among the most interesting are participation in the project to install a solar power plant with a total capacity of 1,177 MW in the United Arab Emirates.

About new projects of sustainable energy you will find at 10th Sustainable Energy Forum and Trade Show of Eastern Europe, on October 16-19.



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