312 400 electric cars was sold in 2018

In the first quarter of 2018, in the world was sold 312 400 electric vehicles: 59% more than the same period last year. According to ev-volumes.com the global sales focused on passenger electric and hybrid cars, light trucks in the USA / Canada, light commercial vehicles in Europe and China.

Some countries have become the markets with the fastest growing sales of electric vehicle. There are China (+ 113%), Canada (+ 114%), the Netherlands (+ 122%), South Korea (+ 138%), Spain (+ 118%), Finland (+ 144%) and Australia (+ 132%).

At the beginning of 2018 hybrid cars became more popular by 69%, when "clean" electric cars is 52%.

The best seller sales became the new Nissan Leaf with a sale result of 22 000 cars, by 44% more than the same period at last year, and Tesla Model 3 was able to take 10th place in the rankings, with a difference in circulation more than 8,000 cars. In the first three months, 1 076 electric cars were sold on fuel cells - hydrogen fuel vehicles still remain rarity, but compared with last year, they showed an increase of 34%.

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