In 2017, the Ukrainian renewable energy market will exceed € 400 million

In 2017, the Ukrainian market of equipment and services for renewable energy will exceed € 400 million.

Such a forecast was formed by the Innovative Business Center, based on the results of the 9th International Exhibition and Conference on Sustainable Energy of Eastern Europe SEF-2017 Kyiv (, which took place in October in Kyiv (Organizer - Innovative Business Center, IB Center).

More than 60% of the Ukrainian renewable energy market will occupy the solar energy segment.. About 30% - will fall on wind power. 10% will be projects in the field of small hydropower and biomass energy.

As co-founder of SEF Vitaliy Daviy said today in Eastern Europe and Ukraine in particular, there is a big jump in the development of the segment of installation of private renewable energy sources, mainly solar power plants.

As a result, more and more market players are developing technological and service directions for small stations.

In particular, during the SEF-2017 KYIV, the company IBC Solar introduced an online solar energy calculator, which allows you to independently calculate your own solar power plant.

"Planning a photovoltaic system is important for a successful project implementation. In order to be able to correctly evaluate the efficiency and economic benefits of the solar system, it is necessary from the beginning to carefully consider the characteristics of each roof "- said Lesya Vashchyshyn, Area and Sales Manager Eastern Europe, IBC SOLAR Austria GmbH.

Oleksandr Zhul, Head of Project Management Department of UNISOLAR, said that the accuracy of the station's generation forecast is fundamental to assessing the cost-effectiveness of the projects.

"With an accuracy of 10%, a possible fault of 27% (permissible fault of 10%). To reduce the fault, you need to get the access to meteorological datas throughout the country ", - said the specialist.

The technical manager of the company US Solar Ruslan Galaguz presented the possibilities of the Ukrainian single-axle tracker SST-60, by which it is possible to increase the annual generation of electricity by the solar power plant by 15-17%.

"Single-axle solar tracker provides a significant increase in power generation compared to the static system, automatically changing the angle and position of the modules. Also, the control system provides protection against wind and snow loads. Our trackers have world-class characteristics at prices much lower than foreign analogues" - the specialist described the advantages of Ukrainian equipment.

Yevgeniy Yaremenko, CEO of Solar Steelconstruction, told about new solutions for solar power plants.

"We have developed a single-axis automatic tracker that allows you to build megawatt fields in a few months and get additional generation in a limited area," – he emphasized the benefits of the new product.

Benjamin Fisher, Area Sales Manager – Eastern Europe, Baltic States, Central Asia of Fronius International believes, that automation of problem solving is important for customers. Thanks to the technical capabilities of the company it is possible to control the work of inverters through a smartphone: see the operating modes of the solar station, the production of electricity, as well as identify and solve possible problems.

According to Sonia Benard, Vice President of Sales in tte Europe of Talesun, in spite of the existence of a core legislative framework, accelerating the development of the renewable energy sector in Eastern Europe, which has been observed in the past two years, has become possible thanks to the emergence of new credit products that are offered by as international ones and local financial institutions.

As confirmation of the growth of investments in the renewable energy industry, Director of Department of Eco Engineering and Resource Effective Project Implementation of Ukrgazbank, Rodion Morozov, said: "In 2017, every fourth megawatt of stations that received a green tariff in Ukraine was funded by Ukrgasbank."

In general, according to IFC experts, by 2030 more than $ 30 billion will be invested in "green" projects in Ukraine.

According to Carrie Walczak, Director and Project Finance Financing Manager of Finance in Motion GmbH, today, for the continued steady growth of the market, it is necessary to provide consulting support to inexperienced developers of renewable energy projects for their compliance with international environmental and social standards.

In the development of new technologies for the accumulation and storage of electricity sees the next stage in the evolution of the industry Director of DTEK’s Renewable business Victoria Syromyatova.

"The annual amount of R&D investments in renewable energy are 8-10 billion dollars. You should also pay attention to the technology of storage of electricity. This is the future "- she said.

Averaldo Farri, Division Director of Innovation of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, says: "Ukraine adheres to the global renewable energy trends and is attractive to foreign companies."

In addition to decisions directly related to the evolution of electricity generation, there is also an active development of electricity consumption technologies, in particular in the field of lighting.

"The number of requests for LED lighting has increased in 5 times in 2017 compared to 2016. People felt that using the latest technologies can significantly save money," said market trends Ruslan Vdovenko, CEO of EKTA.

Alexander Simonov, Sales and Marketing Director of Odeskabel, said in his presentation that for reliable and efficient work it is necessary to individually select cable products for each project, this depends not only on the efficiency but also on the safety of the station.

In addition to the rapid development of the solar energy sector, today in Ukraine there is an active growth of the number of projects of the European level in bioenergy. "The bioenergy market is actively developing in Eastern Europe, in Ukraine we have already implemented a large megawatt project," said Bernhard Lolder-Taucher, Sales Director, ICS ENERGIETECHNIK GmbH.

As for wind energy, the co-founder of the Eco-Optima Maxim Kozytskiy expressed his opinion, who believes that today there are risks in Ukraine, but there are also great opportunities for the development of wind energy. Thats why company plans to actively increase its capacity.

"We see colossal prospects for the development of alternative energy. At the moment, it becomes the most relevant and profitable way to receive, transmit and use energy "- commented Yulia Polyakova, director of the company Karbon CNS.

The 9th International Forum and Exhibition of the Sustainable Energy of Eastern Europe SEF-2017 Kyiv was held in Kyiv on October 9-11, 2017 (CEC “Parkovy”). 440 delegates and 58 exhibitors from 32 countries became participants of the industry event. The organizer of SEF-2017 KYIV is the Center for Innovative Business (IB Center).

The nearest industry event from IB Center - 7th International Conference and Trade Show of Solar Energy in Central and Eastern Europe CISOLAR 2018 will be held in Kyiv on April 11-13, 2018.

To learn more about the solar year event and register for CISOLAR-2018, visit

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