SEF-2017 KYIV, 9th Sustainable Energy Forum and Exhibition of Eastern Europe

9th Sustainable Energy Forum and Exhibition of Eastern Europe held last week. More than 400 delegates from 32 countries are taking part in the business program of the Forum.

This is the largest industry event in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Ukraine and the Eastern European region, which is part of the annual plans of world market players which interests are connected with the emerging markets of Europe.

Also, SEF KYIV is one of the most international events in Ukraine - more than 50% of the delegates of the forum are foreigners.

Opening the SEF-2017 KYIV, Gennadiy Zubko, Vice Prime Minister -Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Ukrainian Service noted that the energy efficient technologies development in Ukraine not only raises its energy efficiency but also leads to the local production development.

"Increasing of energy efficiency at all levels of the Ukrainian economy is an important part of the reforms. The latest technologies in solar, wind and biomass energy contribute not only to strengthening of the Ukraine's energy independence, but also create fundamentally new business opportunities," said Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine.

During the last year, Ukraine has implemented a number of laws for sustainable energy development, the State Energy Strategy has recently been adopted, and a number of banks have begun to finance projects in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy for private and commercial sectors.

Transformations in the energy sector have a positive influence on the development of society, according to Oleksiy Ryabchin, Member of the Ukrainian Parliament.

"It is quite obvious that the energy sector of Ukraine and Eastern Europe at all is waiting for serious changes. The development of green energy technology dramatically changes the model not only of the economy but also of society as a whole, " said Oleksiy Ryabchin during his speech at SEF-2017 KYIV.

This year, there are a number of domestic producers of equipment for renewable energy projects among the participants of SEF KYIV Forum and Exhibitors.

Speaking at the forum, Victor Galasyuk, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee for Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship said: "The development of renewable energy in Ukraine has created a number of new business niches, both for manufacturing companies and for various types of service companies. Without a doubt, it is a very positive process that strengthens our economy."

Within the framework of the Forum, there will be specialized conferences: SEF Solar Energy, SEF Wind Energy, SEF ESCO and SEF Bioenergy.

On October 10 and 11, the SEF-2017 KYIV Exhibition, where more than 60 companies showcase their solutions and equipment, will be open to visitors.

Also, on October 11, householders and small investors will be able to visit workshops on implementing of energy efficient equipment in their homes and create a source of passive income by installing a domestic solar power plants.

In his speech, Vitaliy Daviy, an Ideologue and Co-founder of SEF, noted that interest to the Ukrainian market from the side of international companies is increasing again, and today Ukraine is definitely the most attractive emerging market in Europe, according to the foreign and domestic entrepreneurs working in the field of new energy technologies.

"Today, Ukraine is one of the most progressive energy markets in Europe, for which the most progressive companies in the world compete today. More than 400 delegates take part in the SEF-2017 KYIV Forum and more than 60 companies demonstrate their technology and solutions at the SEF Expo. The economy will get get a powerful technological stimulus and new investments."

Among the Sponsors of SEF-2017 KYIV are Suntech (Terawatt Sponsor), KNESS (Partner), Recom (Gigawatt Sponsor), Megawatt Sponsors: JA Solar, HUAWEI, Photomate, Rentechno, Jinko Solar, Helios Strategia, Zorlu Energy, Atmosfera , General Technical Partner: EKTA, Kilowatt Sponsors: Solar Steelconstruction, Fronius, UNISOLAR, Odeskabel, ICS Energuetechnik, Talesun, IBC Solar, Ukrainian Systems Solar, Karbon, Eco-Optima, Green Fund for Growth, DTEK. The main financial partner is Ukrgasbank. Legal Partner: H & P. The partner of the seminars for households - Azzurro ZCS.The organizer is ib center Europe.

ib center Europe is a leading manufacturer of exhibitions and conferences in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy technologies, innovative solutions for industry and business, as well as clean technologies in the region from Central Europe to Central Asia.

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