This 4-hour recorded training contains the lectures of five experts and covers the following questions. 

It will be useful to anyone interested in creation of passive inclome with the help of small and medium-scale PV plants and PV systems.


Target market: Ukraine.  


▪️ Why home solar power plants will actively develop in Ukraine under any scenario in the energy sector. Speakers

▪️ How to ensure business growth during a pandemic and economic crisis with the help of a PV plant?

▪️ What are the commercial aspects of the PV plant energy supply to different types of business?

▪️What are the technical aspects of PV systems for personal energy needs satisfaction?

▪️ What are the opportunities for investing in private PV plants and obtaining passive income with the help of solar energy projects in 2020?


The languages of the training are Ukrainian and Russian. 

The training was recorded in May 2020.

How To Invest In Renewable Energy Projects of Ukraine In 2020?

19,00$ Обычная цена

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